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The Affordable Care Act – Is It Going Downhill?


affordablecareactbloggraphic-01November 2, 2016 | You’ve been reading it in the news, hearing it in the headlines and watching those around you argue about it. “How much are the premiums going up?” “Is the ACA (Affordable Care Act) going away?”


The ACA is doing exactly what it has been predicted to do. With over 20 million people now with health insurance, the ACA is remaining a big option to Americans who need affordable health care. What you should know as a reader, is that the ACA premiums are indeed going up. However, these premiums are not rising like you would assume, and with the media playing it up big for the upcoming election, it would be hard to not believe that they are.


According to a recent interview with Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor and media personality, and CNBC, “Obamacare (ACA) is one of the biggest startups of all time.” Cuban mentioned that the healthcare law had flaws but was ultimately a positive development. “They made certain projections that didn’t work out. That’s not unusual for a startup. It doesn’t help the people in the states – obviously it’s very painful for them.”


Cuban also said many people did not understand what was actually happening with the law, with politicians and pundits resorting to what he called “headline porn” that does not convey the whole truth.




According to Business Insider, The current Obamacare premiums are roughly in line with the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s expected premium levels for 2017 from when the ACA first passed.


So, are premiums going up? Yes by single digit increases, but insurance is available to everyone who needs it and this is very important. Health insurance is something that shouldn’t be swept under the carpet. Emergencies happen every day that require health insurance and it’s important for each American in our country to get covered and take care of themselves and their families. This is the goal of the ACA, for everyone to obtain health insurance and live a better lifestyle. When everyone stays healthy, our country stays healthy.


Why Is This Important?


Medical bankruptcy has been a common political talking point recently with studies and statistics being communicated on the regular. Many of these “facts” have contradicted themselves. The truth is that many Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills sometimes living without necessities like food and utility bills. Although up and down in cost, health insurance is crucial for Americans.


When a heart surgery costs upwards of $150,000, an average American can be left struggling to pay for years. Health insurance can help you prepare for the worst while at the same time assist you in preventing these illnesses.


Should We Repeal The ACA?


Probably not, leaving 20 million Americans without health insurance would be the last thing to do. However it is evident that the ACA could be improved in several different areas.


Although opposed to the Affordable Care Act, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) is all for a better healthcare system to reach those who are uninsured. He says, “We gotta find ways to get back to where people have more choices about their health care, more competition to provide it, (and) more ability to see the doctor they want to see.”


Without the ACA, we wouldn’t even be having the discussion to provide healthcare to everyone. It’s important that both democratic and republican parties come together to develop a plan that works or improves the ACA in the future. Individuals like Roy Blunt are making a good point.


The ACA brings a lot to the table at a crucial time for America. With open enrollment, which began on Tuesday, and the upcoming election, it is important to read the details and to get covered.


For anyone who is interested in meeting with a certified application counselor for the ACA, you can call 816-901-1433. Northwest Health provides this service free to anyone in our local communities who need it.



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