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  • Are you AWARE of your Anxiety?

    Are you AWARE of your Anxiety?

    Are you AWARE of your anxiety? Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health issues, affecting approximately 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older. Anxiety is not a weakness but is a medical condition that can be treated successfully. Often times it is easy to identify some of the...

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  • 340B


    Take control of your health and save on discount prescription drugs at Northwest Health Services. As a patient of Northwest Health Services you qualify for lower prices on prescription drugs through our 340B program. Ask your pharmacist about 340B pricing or contact your neighborhood clinic.   NORTHWEST HEALTH SERVICES PARTICIPATING PHARMACIES: Wal-Mart Pharmacy – Bethany The Drug...

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  • Health Center Funding Script

    Health Center Funding Script

    Call your Members of Congress! Tell them that the time to fix the cliff is now! Use this script to make it even easier to call your members of congress on National Cliff Call-In day, Thursday, march 19th. Just call 866-456-3949, enter your zip code, and be connected to your Representative and senators automatically! In...

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  • Help is Here for You

    Help is Here for You

    Depression and thoughts of suicide are not always visible to those around us and often go unknown or untreated because of fear and stigma. Depression occurs in all ethnicities, ages and economic backgrounds. It is not a sign of weakness but rather a medical condition that can be treated successfully. Help is available and essential...

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  • Top Ten Reasons to Protect Children through Vaccination

    Top Ten Reasons to Protect Children through Vaccination

    I’m Sandy Gilbertson, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and I have been providing primary care for children in the St. Joseph for over 20 years.  During that time, I have seen people suffer from diseases such as pertussis, measles, mumps, meningitis, chickenpox, and influenza, so I know how important it is to protect children from these and...

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  • What is Depression?

    What is Depression?

    Depression:   It has been estimated that nearly 14 million Americans or more suffer from depression. Depression is more than feeling sad or down in the dumps. Unfortunately many people view depression as a sign of weakness and it is not. It is an illness with very real symptoms that might include: feeling hopeless or...

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