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For over 30 years Northwest Health has been inspired by the belief that ALL people regardless of insurance status have access to affordable healthcare.


Northwest Health provides primary care services to all ages. We treat everything from bumps and bruises to colds, flu and more serious health conditions. We can provide the majority of what you need, and when specialty care is needed we can help coordinate it.


Northwest Health offers a full complement of preventive and restorative care for your teeth. Its gentle care you need for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Behavioral Health

Northwest Health knows physical health and well-being is affected by your mental and emotional health. That’s why we integrate behavioral health services into disease managements and into our primary and preventive care setting.


Along with providing traditional pharmacy services, Northwest Health’s pharmacy has other means of supporting our patients. Through drug discount programs, sliding scales and other means we work with our patients to ensure fair and honest pricing.


Drug Discount

Participating Pharmacies

Discount Pricing for Patients



Feeling Sick on Saturday? Sore Throat? Flu? Aches? Just walk in and we’ll see you.

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Stroud, FNP

In loving memory of Michael Stroud, FNP. Mike served for several years at our Southside Health Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. He is missed each day. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and our NHS staff.

October 17, 2017

What’s with the Flu?

Flu Blog-01

What’s with the Flu?

Oh flu season, your presence continues to scare everyone from new moms, teachers, business owners and in our experience at Northwest Health, our Accounts Payable team (Shout out to Camille!) . In my experience the flu was a term normally used to excuse myself from a test I was ill (pun intended) prepared to take. Looking back, I now realize I had no idea the differences between the flu and a cold. I also believed several myths popular in our culture about the flu vaccination.


Lucky for you, Northwest Health has compiled some info from our providers about the flu and what you need to know.

September 6, 2017

What’s Going On With ObamaCare?

ACA UPDATE BLOG-01What’s Going on with Obamacare?




Are you up in the air about Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) or don’t know what’s going on? We’ve got you covered!


There’s a lot of talk and news coverage going on in the public right now about the ACA and how it’s going away. Most Americans have a right to believe that it is or already has been repealed and replaced BUT, it hasn’t!