Affordable Care For All

NHS will never turn a patient away because they can’t afford healthcare. We will help you find a program to assist you financially. We also offer a discount program based on your income.

Every Stage Of Life

Entering our facilities for care means a lifetime. We want to know you and work closely with you to diagnose and keep you healthy. We care for people of all ages.


Not only do we have a professionally trained staff available to help you, but NHS has recently received a quality award for our quality of service to the community. 


We do anything we can to make sure you get the right care.  Healthcare should be easy to access.  We offer an option to request your appointment online, including a patient portal app, and multiple locations throughout Northwest Missouri and staff willing to assist you.  

Community Partners

NHS works with many organizations throughout your community to connect you to the services you need.  We also partner with local schools, non-profits, and social service agents to enhance you and your children’s health.


Mission and Vision

Our Mission at Northwest Health Services is to serve as a catalyst for health & empowerment in Northwest Missouri through education, medicine & advocacy.  We will never turn a patient away because they can’t afford healthcare.

At NHS we strive to create a Northwest Missouri that grows stronger with every patient we encounter. 

“We believe in doing the right thing with the belief that all people should have access to high-quality healthcare.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

Northwest Health Services was founded with a generous spirit and an ambitious goal: To provide high quality primary medical, dental and behavioral healthcare to all individuals who seek it, no matter what. We care about people, which is why we are located in the Metropolitan and Rural Northwest Missouri communities. 

Our employees serve their communities through the work they do in our clinics, but also through volunteerism caring for the underserved through homeless outreach, flood relief efforts and partnering with local food banks. Northwest Health highlights the passion for our communities through our programs and services like:

  • The Downtown Health Center, serving a primarily homeless population
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (M.A.T.) Program for those suffering from Opioid Use Disorder.
  • A Flood Relief response effort focused on supporting those impacted by the floods in 2019
  • A Sliding Fee Discount Program improving access to care for Americans regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

Senior Leaders

We hope you will find your experience at Northwest Health Services as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Thank you for selecting Northwest Health Services as your healthcare provider.

Younger, Matt 046 8x10 web
Matt Younger
Chief Executive Officer
Judy Hood-01
Judy Hood
Director of Quality and Compliance
Tina Taylor
Director of Finance
Steven Brushwood-01
Dr. Steven Brushwood
Chief Medical Officer
Stacey Lawrence-01
Stacey Lawrence
Director of H.R.
Miranda Phillips-01
Dr. Miranda Phillips
Director of Pharmacy
Abdul Guga-01
Abdul Guga
Director of I.T.
Terry Petersen-01
Terry Petersen
Chief Operations Officer
Al Krebs
Chief Dental Officer
Kathy Davenport
Chief Compliance Officer
Kempker, Dan 008 8x10 web
Dan Kempker
Director of Budget & Planning