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Healthy Tips For Thanksgiving

So, Wal-Mart is crazy and everyone is scrambling to get groceries for the biggest meal of the year. All those carbs creeping into your cart and not to mention the desserts to be made for a midnight snack, this could only mean one thing. Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, it is important to consider some healthy tips to get you through the day without gaining those pounds.

healthythanksgiving-01Healthy Tips

According to, you should follow these five helpful tips this holiday season.

  1. Plan a post-meal walk. Take that extra half hour and go for a walk with your loved ones. You can even walk back home and watch a movie together, simple as that!
  2. Walk around and talk. That’s right, if you’re a social butterfly then you’re golden. Walk around the table more, not for food, and visit with those around you.
  3. Plan a workout date the next morning. Grab a friend and go for another walk, or hit the gym! You could even go black Friday shopping and get your walk on.
  4. Volunteer to clean up. Once everyone’s finished eating, offer to do the dishes and get yourself moving.
  5. If you’re full, stop eating. This tip may sound obvious, but you would be surprised how much food people consume AFTER they’re full. If you’re full, stop eating. You don’t want to over eat for your body. Then again, it is Thanksgiving and all…but seriously, don’t over do it.

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to catch up with loved ones. Be sure to enjoy yourself tomorrow and make memories to last a lifetime. Remember to consider the healthy options tomorrow and to stay on your feet when possible.

From your friends at Northwest Health Services, have a happy Thanksgiving!

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