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Red Ribbon Week: Sign the Pledge

October 23 – 31 marks Red Ribbon Week for schools and organizations across the United States.

Red Ribbon week helps promote drug awareness and is the oldest drug prevention program in the nation impacting millions of children and young adults each year. It is especially significant for our Mound City Clinic because of the impact drug use has had on rural areas in recent years.

Drug use in rural areas in recent years has yielded higher numbers than in urban areas, which makes drug use prevention awareness even more important. The top three most common drugs teens are misusing or abusing are:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • And Prescription Drugs

Two-thirds of people 12 and older (68%) who have abused prescription drugs within the past year say they got them from a friend or relative. Everyone can help combat drug abuse by keeping track of your medications, something many of us have in our cabinets at home, easily accessible to teens.

Red Ribbon Week encourages parents and children to pledge and be a part of the creation of a drug free America, see the pledge here.

What you can do to encourage a drug free America is promote the benefits of a drug free lifestyle. Drugs and alcohol (including prescription drugs) impact you physically and mentally and many don’t know how much they can benefit from a drug-free life. Being drug free not only extends life expectancy but it also improves your immune systems.

As a drug-free organization Northwest Health is showing our organizational commitment to being drug free by signing the pledge and by encouraging others to make the healthy decision of being drug free.

Come by Northwest Health Services Mound City Clinic this week and sign the pledge to be drug free. By signing the pledge you’ll be entered to win a Royals Postseason T-Shirt (drawing November 2, 2015).

Don’t forget to find out where you are at with your health. Northwest Health’s Mound City Clinic offers Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health Services available.. Schedule your next appointment when you come by.

Amber Brown Keebler, M.D. is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and occasionally writes blogs for Northwest Health on Medical topics. Schedule an appointment with her today.


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