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BIG NEWS for the North End Health Center & Pharmacy!



SAINT JOSEPH, MISSOURI | Northwest Health Services is excited to announce its new location for the North End Health Center & Pharmacy.


The North End Health Center was established in December of 2003 and later added pharmacy services in June of 2018.


“Northwest has leased its current building in the north end for about 20 years,” said Matt Younger, CEO of Northwest Health Services. “We love the community and we’re committed to staying there, but there have always been patient complaints about parking. It’s more cost effective for us to be able to own our building rather than to keep renting. The new building is in a great, safe, convenient location, has plenty of parking, a drive-thru for our pharmacy and will allow us to stay in the north end community for a long time.”


The new location will still be known as the North End Health Center & Pharmacy, but will receive updated signage, and provide a drive thru option for patients to pick up their medications at the pharmacy. Along with the drive-thru option, the pharmacy will update their hours of operation from 9-6 pm to upon opening at the new location, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm with a lunch hour of Noon – 1 pm Monday-Friday. The clinic will remain on Saint Joseph Avenue and be moved to what use to be U.S. Bank at 1000 5th Avenue, next to the Brothers Market grocery store. Northwest Health will continue to accommodate patient transportation as needed through programs like Health Tran. Northwest Health remains committed to providing care for the North End community of St. Joseph. The estimated time frame for the clinic move is January of 2022. More information on the grand opening date will be available at a later time.


“We are excited about the opportunities which will be available in our new location and continuing to serve the needs of the community,” said Dr. Steven Brushwood, Chief Medical Officer for Northwest Health Services.  “Joan Nold, APRN will continue to provide medical services at the new location. We will have expanded availability in our other St. Joseph locations with the addition of Dr. Sandberg to our South Side Health Center and Hilary Shoemaker, APRN to our Family Medicine Associates location along with Joseph Kline, LCSW to our Behavioral Health location. Hilary and Joseph will move November 1 to their new locations and Dr. Sandberg will move to South Side on December 6.”


“While the North End Family Pharmacy location is changing, the same knowledgeable staff is committed to serving our North End community,” said JoEllen Aviles, Pharmacist & Manager of the North End Family Pharmacy. “Expect the same great customer service with the added convenience of a drive through window.”


Northwest Health Services is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center (FQHC) with clinics spread over 15 counties in Northwest Missouri. Northwest Health Services clinics are local, non-profit, health care providers located in rural and urban communities across Northwest Missouri, where affordable & high-quality care is needed but scarce.


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