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Hello everyone!

September is upon us! The summer is winding down (except on the thermometer). Students are heading back to their classrooms. During this time, many families are checking to be certain their children are up to date on health screenings, sports physicals and immunizations. 

Older teens/young adults are heading off to college or vocational school—perhaps living away from home for the very first time. 

With the back to school theme in mind, it is appropriate to share a few ABCs of being prepared in order to prevent STDs, Pregnancy and HIV. 

A–Abstinence —avoiding all vaginal, anal and oral sexual activity. This certainly prevents

                             STIs, STDs, HIV, HPV, pregnancy, etc. 

B—Be Certain of your own HIV status as well as the HIV status of any potential sexual

partners. Free HIV screening is available at Northwest Health Services. In            addition to being free, the screening is quick, accurate and confidential. It is advisable for each partner to get screened. Knowledge is power—knowing

your HIV status is powerful!

C—Condom use—Always use a condom with every sexual encounter. When used properly,

                        condoms can provide protection from most STDs (i.e. chlamydia and gonorrhea). 

                        Condoms are also highly effective in preventing HIV. Free condoms are

                        available in all Northwest Health Services locations for patients and individuals

                        seeking free HIV screening.  

Well, that’s it for the ABCs of this blog. However, if have any questions regarding these ABCs, please contact us. If you are interested in learning more about a free HIV screening or PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for protection against HIV, please feel free to contact Janet Miller, HIV Prevention Specialist at 816-901-1034.

Thank you for reading this Blog. All of us at Northwest Health Services hope you have a healthy and successful school year!