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3 Tips to Treat Mental Health during COVID-19

The Coronavirus has been affecting our world for almost 5 months now! For some of us, it has been a nice break from our busy lives, and for others it can start to feel like a toll on our mental health.

We asked two of our counselors at NHS (Cali Welch and Danielle Nielson) for a few tips to keep our mental health in high spirits during COVID-19. Here is what they had to say:

1) Physical activity- movement is a great way to keep your mind sharp and your body from becoming stiff. Exercise does not have to mean hours at the gym or running 15 miles a day. Always talk to your PCP about any health concerns before you begin a new exercise. Especially for those new to physical activity, a brisk 10-15 minute walk a day can be great for mind and body. If you have a lower body injury low impact activity can still raise your heartbeat and lift your mood, while not risking further injury. Another important aspect of physical activity is stretching. Even if you do not engage in a workout, taking some time to stretch your body when you first wake up in the morning and before bed is a great way to start and end your day! This site has a list of websites/ channels available for accessing workout programs in your home- You can also check out the free app FitOn for workouts, relaxation, and stretching routines!

2) Routine- having a daily routine, especially during social distancing, helps keep your brain engaged. Taking the time to make sure you are maintaining personal hygiene, getting dressed each day, and making plans for tasks to accomplish throughout the day, helps maintain productivity and preparation for return to life without distancing. This is especially important for students. Make sure any children in your home are returning to a school day routine now. Whether your students will be homeschooling, distant learning, or attending in person, they need to be prepared for instructional times. By practicing a “typical” school day routine now, this will help them be ready to learn in August when school resumes.

3) Personal enrichment- binge watching Hulu or Netflix can be easy to do, but not always mentally stimulating. Maybe you have a shelf full of puzzles that you have always meant to do, but never did. Or a closet that you meant to clean out for the last three spring cleaning sessions, but always put off. During this time of social distancing it is a great time to complete projects and further develop skills in your favorite hobbies. Don’t have a favorite hobby or have always said “one day I want to try _____” but never did? Now is a great time to do some research and start engaging in those activities and hobbies. The library is open if you have been meaning to read a book series, and You-Tube often has great beginner how-to videos to check out for those hobbies!

We hope that these 3 tips can be of use for you and your families as we continue to fight the coronavirus together. Be safe out there and remember to practice social distancing.

Corey Myers Digital Marketing Manager