For Patients

How to Become a Patient

Becoming a patient at NHS is simple. To become a patient, follow these steps:

Fill out the list of patient forms (print online or fill out in person)
Pick a clinic location
Bring your patient forms into your desired NHS clinic
Set-up an appointment at the clinic with one of our providers

Your First Visit

On your first visit, plan to spend the first 15 minutes completing registration forms. Or complete the forms prior to your visit (print online). Required new patient forms are:

Carefully review each form, print, sign and bring with you to ONE OF OUR CLINICS.

What should I Bring With Me?

A Photo ID (any picture identification card, such as a driver’s license or work ID)
Your medications & dietary supplements
Bring all your medications and supplements you are taking now.
Your medical history
Bring any information about past or present health problems, surgeries, family health history and immunization records.


Health insurance card.
Co-payment (if you have one).


Proof of income
This is used to help you enroll in our discount program or payment plan if necessary.