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Career Opportunities

Our Career Opportunities page is currently under renovation. If you are interested in applying for a job, please submit your resume to

  • Full-time Chief Financial Officer – St. Joseph, MO
  • Full-time Physician – St. Joseph, MO
  • Full-time Dentist – St. Joseph, MO
  • Full-time Patient Access Assistant – St. Joseph and Savannah, MO
  • Full-time Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Assistants - St. Joseph, MO
  • Full-time Radiology Technician – Savannah, MO
  • Full-time Dental Assistants – St. Joseph, MO
  • PRN (as needed) Licensed Practical Nurse – St. Joseph, MO
  • PRN (as needed) Patient Access Assistant-between St. Joseph and Savannah, MO
  • PRN (as needed) Radiology Technologist/Patient Access Assistants-St. Joseph, MO and Rural Clinics